<p>Innovation that keeps drivers on the move</p>
Innovation that keeps drivers on the move

RAC patrols carry a universal spare tyre to keep you on the road

Following CO2 emission legislation, manufacturers removed the spare wheel out of new models to decrease vehicle weight - and ultimately its emissions. So breaking down as a result of a puncture could be a real inconvenience to the business.

We can now replace a wheel with our innovative ‘multi-fit wheel’, allowing the driver to take their vehicle to a replacement tyre outlet and continue their journey with minimal disruption.

Wheel and tyre faults are the single biggest category of Breakdowns that RAC attends due to these manufacturing modifications. All our Patrols carry this multi-fit wheel to help customers with a missing or flat spare wheel and double punctures. It fits 45 of the top 50 vehicles that result in the highest ‘puncture, no spare’ related recoveries.

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