Praise for Our Patrols

Two breakdowns in a month - A star service both times

I have broken down in Northampton, in two different cars, twice in a month. Both times I have needed to be rescued by the RAC and both times by a man called Mark. I need to say that he was absolutely wonderful on both occasions.

I was in the car alone and am registered disabled so breaking down scared me considerably. From the moment he arrived he calmed me down and resolved the issue, whether it needed a tow home – 1st time – or a roadside repair – 2nd time. He is an exemplary example of professionalism, knowledge and understanding and reassuring. If you do an 'Employee of the Month' then he should be it! He should be praised and recognised for his service and you should be proud to have him on your team because as a first point of contact, representing you in the field, he could not be any better.

In 30 years of driving I have never needed to call on any roadside assistance and I sincerely hope I don't have to again, but I am reassured that if I do, I will get A-star service. Thank you for helping when I needed it most, I am a very happy customer and will again be recommending you to all my family, friends and colleagues.

RAC Member – Suzanne Knox


First rate service

In a world where people are very quick to moan and complain I thought I'd make a commendation!

After making a call out today and the help of the mechanic who came to my home and fixed my vehicle for me, I would like say a big thank you to your company and your staff for a fantastic service.

Myself and my partner have been members of the RAC for over 9 years. It is (thankfully) on rare occasions over those years I have needed to use my membership, however each time I have used it the service I received has been superb.

Each mechanic I have had sent out to me has been very professional and helpful and I would really like you to pass this thank you onto all your team, including the call centre staff.

Keep up the great 1st rate service your staff provide!

I will continue to be a RAC member and highly recommend your company.

Many thanks,

RAC Member – Laura Armour


Outstanding levels of customer service

I want to praise two members of staff who I believe showed outstanding levels of customer service yesterday. Sadly, I do not have their names, but hopefully you can track them via my registration.

The first was the roadside assistance engineer who displayed the exact qualities I would want in a breakdown situation. He acted swiftly and decisively. He was friendly but professional at all times and when recovering me and my vehicle to the garage his driving was impeccable and I felt safe throughout. I broke down around about 4.30pm on 3 June 2015 some distance from home and by 6.30pm I was home with a cup of tea, car in the garage and hire car arranged.

The second person who made my breakdown as smooth as possible was the lady who took my second call and request for a hire car. As I leave at 6am to travel 50 miles to work, it wasn't possible to get a hire car in time. However, as my husband only works eight miles away from me she arranged for a car to be delivered to his place of work. I therefore dropped him off on the way to my work and we both got in on time, and the hire car was then delivered to him later as promised. This was a very flexible, common sense solution that you don't expect from call centres these days.

Thank you. I am truly a happy customer.

RAC Member – Sandra Cole


Expert knowledge clear to see

On Sunday afternoon on the 31 May 2015 we were driving in the Malvern Hills when our car lost power with smoke coming out of the exhaust. At the same time an RAC patrol van passed our car. We waved him down and showed him our membership card. In a short time the driver, Richard Gent, solved the problem and we were on our way. His expert knowledge was clear to see. He deserves the commendation of the RAC, especially as he postponed his meal break to service our car. After helping us he even followed us into Malvern to make sure we were safe. Richard is a splendid advert for the RAC.

RAC member – John Westbury

Patrol mends "Maisie" the Morris

“Today we called you out to attend to "Maisie" our 1938 Morris Eight as she had become unwell.

“Wayne from the RAC arrived to assist us. He was outstanding and so helpful - we can't praise him enough. After diagnosing the problem, Wayne proceeded to follow us 20 miles home across country to protect Maisie, and us. She coughed and spluttered her way home with numerous compulsory stops en route, but we got there in the end.

“People can be quick to complain, yet rarely take the time to say well done. Wayne is a real asset to you and we can't thank him enough for his assistance and patience with Maisie today.”

RAC Member - Karen Way

Frustrating issue with keyless fob sorted out over the phone

This morning I grabbed my car keys, my shopping bags and purse to drive to my local shopping centre to do my weekly shop. I get to my lovely Ford Kuga, and it would not open. I have one of those keyless fob things, and no matter what I pressed nothing happened. The car is only half a year old. Ford could not help, so I called the RAC, who were helpful as always, promising to send someone out within the next 2 hours.

I had just decided to walk to the shops, when I got a call from Dave from the RAC, who had seen my call come up for dispatch. He had recognised the potential problem, and was able to help me discover that actually there is a mini key in that fob thing, and talk me through the next steps. I was so relieved when my car opened and worked. Dave also told me that parking the car next to strong wifi or other electronic signals can interfere with the signal of the keyless fob. So if this even happens to you, it may not be the battery or any other strange issue!

I am very impressed by Dave, who was proactive, thoughtful and thought outside the box! Dave's initiative saved the RAC a call-out and me a few hours of mild worry and inconvenience. And as a bonus, I now know what to do if this happens again – I am an empowered customer. Thank you, Dave; also for not making me feel stupid about not knowing that there was a little key inside the fob.

RAC Member – Bettina Pickering

Efficient and polite patrol

On November 21 we were planning to spend the day shopping and having lunch in Newtownards, (Northern Ireland) but unfortunately about five miles from home our Nissan Juke broke down.

We called the RAC and within the hour your patrol Gordon Lee (call sign 3020) arrived and assessed the problem with the car. He diagnosed the breakdown as a ’clutch hydraulics’ problem which unfortunately could not be fixed at roadside. As a result Gordon towed us to the nearest RAC approved Nissan garage in Newtownards.

He was most efficient and polite, and as his next job was close to our home he also took us there.

It was much appreciated as we are both senior citizens, so very well done RAC, and thank you Mr Gordon Lee.

RAC Member – Colette Roberts

Excellence of service

On the evening of Thursday 25 October 2013 my elderly BMW 525 suffered a sudden and catastrophic power steering failure. My wife and I were in Barnstaple, North Devon, a town with which we are unfamiliar, for a short holiday. My call to your breakdown helpline call centre was handled quickly and intelligently by a female operative.

Your patrolman Paul Mullinger arrived in less than 15 minutes and immediately took charge of the situation in an entirely reassuring and efficient manner. Despite the lateness of hour he succeeded in contacting the local RAC approved garage, Car Care Centre, where he reported our problem to the manager, now known to me as Mark Pounds. This gentleman agreed to await our arrival and to secure the vehicle for the night pending diagnosis and repairs on the following morning.

Paul somehow drove the car, and us, to the Car Care Centre where Mr Pounds kindly provided us with a courtesy car so that we could continue with our holiday while the BMW was off the road. By now it was dark. Aware that we did not know the local road layout, your patrolman Paul then convoyed us back to our hotel in the town centre and ensured that we were safely settled for the night.

The Car Care Centre obtained the necessary replacement parts and had us back on the road by midday the next day.

I wish to draw your attention to the excellence of the service provided by both the patrolman Paul and by Mark Pounds of the Car Care Centre. Both of these gentlemen were in every respect professional, supportive and efficient in dealing with our difficulties.

RAC Member – Roger Perkins

The RAC saves the wedding day

On Thursday 9th May, my wife and I set out from Cardiff to Lockerbie in our Alvis 1961 TD Park Ward Saloon to collect and deliver our nephew’s bride for their wedding on Saturday. On Friday 10th May in Scotland, we decided to leave the M74 motorway to travel parallel on the old B7078 as it would be a more pleasant journey on the B road. We were progressing over the vast bleak exposed moorland north of Abington and south of Douglas which is apparently one of the least travelled roads, quite close to the highest village in Scotland when I changed down from 5th gear to 4th. As I did the upper section of the gear stick snapped and sheared off cleanly and completely from the lower section, which was still engaged in 4th gear.

I called the RAC Call Centre and was advised that a patrolman would arrive in approximately 40 minutes. My wife and I then discussed having the car taken to Abergavenny where it is normally maintained, and obtaining a hire car to get us to the wedding on the Saturday and ultimately back to Cardiff.

The weather at this time was atrocious - strong winds and rain. We were stranded, not a habitation in sight.

Your patrol Ian Booth appeared and immediately put us at our ease. He enquired whether the car was in gear and advised me to drive the car around the bend to a safer ‘lay-by type’ spot. He stated that though the vehicles were few they would likely be driven fast. The car did pull away up a slight incline in 4th gear.

We pulled up the front and gear console carpets, over the lower gear stick section. Ian removed that section from the gear box. I gave him the upper section. He stated that he was going to Lanark about 20 minutes away to see what could be done, and he would be back. He checked with us that we would be warm enough. We believed perhaps he would go to a motor factor or to a steel fabricator. He returned in just over the hour.

Ian had been to his own home and he had re-welded the two gear stick sections together in his own garage.

We got to Dunblane that afternoon. On Saturday, I collected the bride and her father from Falkirk and delivered her to the wedding at Dunblane Cathedral. On Sunday we started our return journey and the motor car gave us no more trouble for the remainder of our 913 miles journey.

We have recounted this experience to many of our relatives, friends and acquaintances. They have all been amazed at the service we were privileged to receive from Ian in particular, and also the RAC.

We wanted to make the RAC aware of this act of chivalry. We were particularly impressed with his quick thinking, his initiative and also most importantly his reassurance. He really was a ‘knight of the road’. We hope you will deem it appropriate to acknowledge this sterling and distinguished service, in some appropriate way, when you consider all the consequences of any alternative outcome. Presumably, this colleague has saved the RAC a significant potential cost for our recovery.

RAC Member - Hugh Bradnum

My car is not designed for the snow

I was caught out in the horrific weather conditions and grid lock in Brighton last night. My car is NOT designed for the snow! The burning smell and overheating meant I had to abandon my car two miles from my house and walk home. I called the RAC this morning and the ETA was two to three hours. RAC patrol Lee Coldwell arrived within the hour, made sure my car started and followed me to a parking space within my permit code. He then cleared the snow and made sure I was safely parked.  The only part of his job was to make sure my car started yet he did everything else just to make sure I was safely parked.  Total star. Well done RAC and especially Lee.

RAC Member - Lucy Wilsdon

You saved our grandsons' christening

We’re writing to express our enormous appreciation of one of your Rescue Team members, Terry Staff, who came to our aid in Dursley, Gloucestershire.

We had travelled from Yorkshire to our twin grandsons’ christening.  Arriving in Dursley, we locked ourselves out of our car with the keys  inside. The babies’ family christening gowns, the christening cake - everything, in fact, except that which we stood up in, was locked in the car. To get the spare key would have meant a nine-hour journey in a hire car to Yorkshire. Weary from the journey down, it was a very dire prospect.

When Terry arrived, he explained that opening the car might be impossible but that he would try everything that he knew. As time passed by, little by little we lost all hope but Terry persevered. He seemed to see it as a challenge and clearly sympathised with our predicament. And having tried everything, when even Terry finally seemed at the point of giving up, with one last unorthodox stroke of genius he brilliantly succeeded. His genuine happiness seemed at least as great as our great joy and relief. We cannot believe that anyone else would have persisted for so long, and certainly no one from other organisations.

We made contact with the RAC via Skoda Assist and still have several years under our car’s guarantee, but when we next need to buy a motoring assistance subscription we’ll certainly remember Terry Staff’s diligence and kindness.

We don’t know whether the RAC has a Rescuer of the Year award but, if so, our unanimous nomination would be for Terry Staff.

RAC Member - Ray Kershaw

A very happy RAC customer who made it back in time for the nativity play

I'd like to share with you a very positive experience that I had with the RAC today.

After being delayed for nearly six hours in Ireland and arriving into Liverpool airport late at night with a bleary-eyed four-year-old in tow, I then get back to the multi-storey car park to find our car with a dead battery in temperatures of -2C. While the initial call-out time for emergency assistance was potentially hours away due to the high volume of calls, the dispatchers did everything they could to help us and were calming, helpful and friendly on the line. I was able to arrange over night accommodation and was assured of a re-arranged call-out in the morning. The RAC patrol driver, Mick Sfinavolakis, arrived exactly when they said he would and was absolutely brilliant. He was efficient, personable and made a big effort to chat to my son and answer his questions. He even helped to fix his toy car while we were waiting for the battery to charge and made what was otherwise a distressing situation bearable. He waited to make sure that we could continue on our journey safely and best of all we managed to make it back in time for the school nativity play. It all sounds a bit too good to be true, but honestly this was the story for us this morning!

I know that people take out RAC cover for exactly the situation above, but the level of service we encountered and the patient, friendly manner of the patrol driver really exceeded my expectations.

RAC Member - Siona Murray-Rands

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