Lakes in Europe you must visit

If you are looking for a holiday destination that is more peaceful and serene, Europe’s lakes offer some of the most beautiful sceneries and locations that can be found anywhere in the world. Enjoy the peacefulness of Switzerland, the history of Macedonia and the tranquillity of Italy with our Lakes in Europe guide, with information provided by our European Breakdown Cover, will tell you everything you need to know.

Lake Ohrid, Macedonia and Albania

Located on the border between south-western Macedonia and eastern Albania, Lake Ohrid is one of Europe's deepest and oldest lakes. It is also a site of cultural importance hence its declaration as a World Heritage site, by UNESCO in 1979, owing to its unique ecosystem which homes over 200 endemic species. On the shore of this stunning lake is the equally impressive ancient town of Ohrid which is steeped in rich Macedonian history, offering the perfect holiday destination for nature and history lovers alike.

Find directions from Calais to Lake Ohrid with RAC Route Planner – 9 hours 22 minutes.

Lake Como, Italy

Italy’s most famous lake is also its deepest and arguably most beautiful. Situated in Lombardy, and only a few miles from the Swiss border, the lake is up to 1350 feet deep, and the surrounding mountains are 2000 metres high. Its reputation for stunning scenery is well founded with the shores dotted by many immaculately kept public gardens and historic villas. As well as embracing the surrounding nature, Como is also host to a number of resorts, including Menaggio, Tremezzo, Cadenabbi and Bellagio, all of which are accessible via a regular ferry service.

Find directions from Calais to Como with RAC Route Planner – 19 hours 40 minutes.

Lake Constance, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Lake Constance’s location is arguably the finest in Europe, with its 270km shoreline bordering Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The lake forms part of the Rhine, which descends from the Swiss Alps to where the three countries meet. If the area’s natural beauty isn’t enough to satisfy you, there are also water sports, vineyards and intriguing towns that surround the lake. There are also numerous castles, churches, museums and charming little villages.

Find directions from Calais to Lake Constance with RAC Route Planner – 10 hours 49 minutes.

Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Lake Geneva is world-renowned due to its recognisable croissant-like shape along with its rich historical setting. There is an abundance of facilities for walkers and hikers wishing to explore the natural surroundings of the lake, whilst those more interested in its historical relevance can visit the Roman ruins, amphitheatres and castles.

Lake Geneva is situated in the heart of wine country and thus homes a number of vineyards around the shore. As well as the local wine and ferry trade, the lake is home to beautiful towns such as Nyon and Vevey, with approximately 150 French and Swiss families who base their trade on fresh fish such as perch, pike, trout and more.

Find directions from Calais to Lake Geneva with RAC Route Planner – 15 hours 55 minutes.

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