Cycling holidays in Europe

Not just satisfied with bathing in the sun, some holiday-makers seek a healthier break away, with cycling holidays in Europe a very popular option. Our guide will ensure you ride through some of Europe’s favourite cycling destinations and as well as visiting some of continent’s most cycle-friendly cities. So whether you’re looking for a Tour de France inspired holiday or a gentle ride through the wine villas, our guide, with information provided by our European Breakdown Cover, will get you off to a great start.

Cycling in Normandy

A popular weekend getaway for Parisians, in 2014 the French government unveiled a 443 km cycle route linking Paris and Mont Saint-Michel, making the already popular Normandy even more attractive for cyclists. Much of the path is traffic-free, and Normandy is perfect for the family. With its flat and even routes and open quiet setting, cyclists are able to enjoy the scenery rather that worry about the traffic, a particular concern when riding with children. Overall, Normandy offers a cycling experience that is rarely found elsewhere.

RAC Route Planner journey time: 3hrs 26mins

Cycling in Almería

If you are looking for the archetypal Spanish cycling holiday then look no further than Almería. With its dry and dusty setting, Almería offers Europe’s only semi-desert and was actually the filming location for the classic films ‘A Fistful of Dollars’ and ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’. As well as its glamourous history, Almeria offers some stunning views with the Sierra de los Filabres and the neighbouring Desierto de Tabarnes. Arguably, Velefique provides the best view with combining features reminiscent of the French mountains and the Grand Canyon.

RAC Route Planner journey time: 18hrs 43mins

Cycling in Flanders

If travelling to Holland is too far for you, Dutch-speaking Flanders provides a perfect alternative. A popular destination for cyclists, Flanders’ flat terrain and gentle hills make it is suitable for novices and experienced riders alike. Unlike many places in Europe the whole country is set up for cyclists with designated cycle paths in the towns, cities and even its countryside. If this is sounding a little too easy, you can always try cycling up the Wall of Geraardsbergen with its 1100-metre precipitous cobbled climb and stunning view for those tough enough to reach the top.

RAC Route Planner journey time: 2hrs 6mins

Cycling in Holland

Probably the definitive location for cyclists, Holland is a must for cycling holidays. Though many countries do their best to accommodate cyclists, few accommodate them as comprehensively as Holland does. In a country where there are more bikes than people, it’s hardly surprising that cyclists consider Holland to be such a joy. The fact that cyclists are able to enjoy all these designated cycle paths alongside beautiful canals, windmills and tulips makes the experience all the more magical.

RAC Route Planner journey time: 3hrs 14mins

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