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Cheap Breakdown Cover

If you want the security of breakdown cover for your vehicle but are concerned about the cost, roadside assistance with the RAC is competitive and flexible enough to suit any budget. The RAC offers cheap breakdown cover, starting from as little as just £4.50 a month to ensure your vehicle is protected if you need to call us for recovery.

Let’s take a look at what cheap breakdown cover options are available, what that covers you for, and the different of levels of cover available if you decide to upgrade your membership and pay a higher price.


What does cheap breakdown cover include?

The cheapest cover from the RAC starts from just £4.50 a month but although it’s low in price it still provides great value and peace of mind from a name you can trust. We’ve been rescuing our members for over 120 years.

With our cheapest breakdown cover, you’ll receive cover for your vehicle - regardless of who is driving it when it breaks down. We’ll attend to you, to fix your vehicle at the roadside, providing you’re at least over ¼ mile away from your home. And, if we can’t fix your vehicle at the roadside and get you on your way again, we’ll tow you, any passengers and your car to a destination of your choice within ten miles - whether that’s a nearby garage or back to the comfort of your home.

Why might I need a higher level of cover? 

When reviewing your breakdown cover options, you might need to consider a higher level of cover. Depending on your circumstances, you may prefer a more comprehensive type of breakdown cover, to ensure you’re looked after in all eventualities.

Some of our other levels of breakdown cover include:

At Home Cover

This isn’t included as part of a standard roadside cover policy, but can be added. At Home means that if you break down at home or within ¼ mile of home, we’ll attend. If you mainly drive short distances and locally, this could be a great option for you. A flat battery on a cold winter’s morning? Call us.

National Recovery

National Recovery is an excellent option if you drive all over the country or regularly make long journeys. If your car breaks down at the roadside and we can’t fix it, having National Recovery means we’ll take you to wherever you need to be in the UK. There’s no restriction on where that is - it can be anywhere in the UK, and we’ll take up to eight passengers, too.

Onward Travel

Our Onward Travel cover is another useful option if we’re unable to fix your car and get it up and running again. We’ll provide the means for you to continue your journey, whether that’s by supplying a hire car as a replacement vehicle, overnight accommodation for you and everyone else you’re travelling with, or an alternative transport option - such as a train.

Why choose RAC for budget breakdown cover? 

Choosing the right level of breakdown cover is an important decision - and it’s not all about cost and price. While you’ll obviously be looking for a bargain and may have a budget in mind, you should aim to secure the best cover you possibly can.

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to breakdown providers. However, not all of them offer the same level of service and cover, so take the the time to look into what is available before committing. 

The RAC is the UK’s most experienced breakdown cover provider, and we’re proud that 92% of our members tell us they’d recommend our services to friends and family. To see how we compare with some other breakdown cover providers, read our compare breakdown cover guide here.

Need a little more cover?

If you need further cover, or more specialist breakdown cover, we can help. Some of the different types of breakdown cover on offer from the RAC include:

Full Breakdown Cover

If you need it, you can get our very best breakdown cover package here, building up to an excellent level of cover. This includes roadside cover, national recovery, onward travel and at home over.

European Breakdown Cover

Planning to drive in Europe? Then you’ll need European breakdown cover, which isn’t included as part of our standard UK membership. With levels of cover starting from just a single day, and available in up to 49 countries, you’ll find flexible cover to suit your travel plans.

Family Breakdown Cover

Get breakdown cover for everyone in your household with family breakdown cover, also known as multi-car breakdown cover. This provides breakdown cover for everyone who drives the vehicle named in the policy.

Personal Breakdown Cover

Personal Breakdown Cover covers you instead of a particular vehicle or car. So, this means that you’ll be covered in any car you drive or even travel in as a passenger.


If you drive for business, we have a few different levels of cover - contact us to discuss RAC Business Breakdown Cover.


Van Breakdown Cover is typically included as part of our Business Breakdown Cover options, so if you manage a large fleet of vans you can be assured they’ll be covered when out and about on the road. 


Motorcyclists need breakdown cover too - and ours is just as comprehensive as the cover we provide for cars.


If you drive a campervan, caravan or motorhome, our specialist cover and benefits means you’re covered for any vehicle you’re driving or towing. Take a look at our Caravan and Motorhome Breakdown Cover here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our cheap breakdown cover provides roadside assistance if you break down ¼ mile or further away from home. It won’t cover you if you break down at home or within ¼ mile of home. If you want to be covered at home, you’ll need to add our At Home cover.

Am I covered in Europe?

No, not as standard. If you’re planning to drive in Europe, you’ll need specific European breakdown cover to ensure you’re covered when abroad.

Does this cover me or my vehicle?

RAC’s cheap breakdown cover applies to a vehicle, not an individual. So, that vehicle will be covered, whoever is driving it when it breaks down.

Will any driver of my car be covered?

Yes - because it’s vehicle-based breakdown cover, it’s the named car that’s covered, not particular drivers.


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