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RAC Calls to action

Fuel challenges

Fuel Duty: With UK drivers already paying the highest duty and tax on fuel in Europe by some margin, RAC would like to see at the very least, fuel duty frozen, and the scheduled inflationary rises scrapped.

Fuel stabiliser: RAC believe the Government should revisit the stabiliser and look at alternatives that actively help reduce/control the price at the pumps. For example, a mechanism that reduces fuel duty and is funded by additional revenues from VAT and North Sea oil taxes arising from further crude oil price increases.

Regulation of fuel pricing: RAC believes the Government should consider either extending the remit of OFGEN and/or holding a public enquiry into the issue of transparency of forecourt pricing.


RAC would like to see investment and innovations in areas where alternatives to motoring can make a tangible impact e.g. developing safe cycling routes, maintaining concessionary and free fares, increased parking at train stations, and continued availability of park and ride.


RAC believes the Government needs to create a national framework to ensure local authorities maintain similar roads to the same consistent standards.

RAC recommends long term repairs of pot holes using Government funding to best effect as compared to short term solutions which fail in the next cold spell.

Winter challenges

RAC calls on the Government to remove barriers to local communities assisting in tackling problems of adverse weather conditions in their local areas.


RAC wants the Government to consider raising the speed limit to 80mph on those stretches of motorway where their construction and usage patterns are such that the benefits to users would offset any safety or environmental implications.

RAC calls on Local Authorities to do an audit of their speed cameras (fixed and average) to ensure they are correctly located to minimise crashes.

Drink Driving

With the Government's decision to keep the drink-drive limit at 80mg per 100ml of blood, RAC calls for increased random breath testing to target excessive offenders through more robust enforcement of the existing laws plus increased education on the morning after effect.


RAC wants Government to encourage all those involved in social media to push the road safety message with regards to in-car phone usage and other causes of driver distraction.

RAC calls on the Government to rigorously enforce the law on mobile phone usage and continue to increase the numbers being caught as a visible and proven deterrent. Businesses should also be asked to step-up their efforts to educate and monitor their workforce.

Alternative vehicles

With the price of alternative powered vehicles becoming more of a barrier to their purchase, RAC calls on both the Government and manufacturers to provide more information on the overall long-term cost savings that are achievable as well as the environmental benefits.

Both parties must also consider how they can make the initial purchase of these vehicles more accessible, through the potential extension of existing Government grants and by exploring alternatives to the traditional methods of pricing and buying a car. Investment in refuelling/recharging infrastructure must also remain a priority.