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RAC Story Booth: British motorists tell us what they think

Spring 2010 saw the RAC Story Booth visit UK shopping centres to gather views and stories from British motorists. Here's a selection:

RAC Story Booth TV.

"I think there's some way to go before we can all afford shiny, new fuel efficient cars."

Karen Partridge

"The 'A' roads are terrible for potholes... by comparison, the roads in France are absolutely brilliant."

David William Butler

RAC Story Booth laptop.
RAC Story Booth camcorder.

"Previously, people would stop to help you if you'd broken down. There's not the companionship on the roads any more."

Brian Hedges

"I love four wheels, I love two wheels and I enjoy the freedom of the open road. But it would also be nice to have a bus service, tram service, train service that I would feel confident using."

Martin Smith


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