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RAC call to action

New Cars

  • Following the success of the car scrappage scheme for the economy, the motorist and the manufacturers, RAC calls for other initiatives that encourage motorists to drive more up-to-date vehicles which are safer, more reliable and more fuel efficient.

Road Conditions

  • RAC calls for better planning and provisions for managing the roads during winter weather conditions, and quicker repair of damage such as potholes.

Electric Vehicles

  • RAC would like to see more information made publicly available on the running costs and capabilities of electric vehicles. RAC calls on the Government to consider making charging points compulsory in all new building regulations and to take the lead in switching its fleet to electric vehicles wherever feasible.

Medical Test and Training

  • RAC would like to see the Government conduct a thorough assessment of the cost, benefit and practicalities of compulsory regular medical testing and refresher courses for all motorists.

Driving under the Influence

  • RAC supports measures to make driving safer such as random breath testing and would welcome a reduction in the drink drive limit to 50mg/100ml alongside improved public health campaigns to give drivers clearer guidance on drink driving limits and the dangers of the 'morning after' effect.
  • RAC welcomes the announcement by the new coalition Government that roadside drugalysers will be introduced, and would welcome publication of a timetable for implementation, as the drugalysers are needed as soon as possible. In addition, RAC would like to see efforts made to raise public awareness of the effects of some prescription drugs on driver safety behind the wheel.


  • RAC calls for focused enforcement of existing laws e.g. mobile phone usage, with more police on the roads acting as the best deterrent.

Older Drivers

  • RAC recognises that this age group has the challenge of personal mobility and independence and would welcome Government initiatives to help older drivers to continue to drive safely as well as providing viable alternatives.

New Government, Taxation and Investment

  • RAC wants the new Government to focus on a fairer deal for drivers. Clarity and transparency must be provided by Government to motorists on how motoring taxation revenue is raised and spent, demonstrating value for money. Investment priorities should be based on return on investment.

10.0 Conclusion