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10.0 Conclusion

Sat navThis year's Report gives a deep insight into what drivers in the UK are thinking and feeling. They are still feeling disillusioned with the wider world around them and the way they were treated by the last Government. They have no control over the problems facing society such as high fuel prices, the huge Government deficit or limiting damage to the environment. But they do want to be involved in their local surroundings and are focusing much of their attention on the problems they encounter on a daily basis, such as poor driving behaviour from other motorists. They are also looking to cut motoring costs wherever possible. But there is a glimmer of hope. The new Government has the opportunity to draw a line in the sand and move forward in a new partnership with motorists.

From the new Government they would like to see better maintenance of the existing road infrastructure - from filling in potholes and resurfacing to making sure that they do not encounter road works on every road they drive. They want predictability of journey times - it does not matter that a journey takes longer than it has done in the past, what is important is that they know in advance that it's going to take longer.

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Joined up thinking for all modes of transport is another key demand. Motorists would get out of their cars if the alternatives were better. But for many, public transport is not a viable option. With an ageing population it is more important than ever that a decent reliable alternative to the private motor car exists.

The issue of older drivers also needs reviewing, as evidence suggests that using 70 as the age that people become classified as 'old' in motoring terms is not supported by much evidence. Whether this translates into regular medical checks and refresher courses for all drivers, or the age at which licences have to be renewed is raised, coupled with, potentially, independent checks with a medical professional, is a debate that must be led by Government.

In return motorists are showing an interest in more environmentally-friendly cars, especially electric vehicles, once they are given all the facts - which offers a clear way forward.

Motorists know the transport budget has been slashed and in the main they are not calling for expensive measures such as new roads, just better use of existing resources and more joined up thinking in all areas of transport - public and private. The majority of the adult population are motorists - and almost all of them are also voters. It is time for the coalition Government to form a new coalition - this time with motorists.

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9.0 Motorists and the government