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Labelling and better information

Helping people to understand their choices is important. Efficiency labelling is one way of doing this.

Our survey found that awareness of the white goods and household electrical equipment labelling scheme was far higher than for the equivalent emissions labelling on new cars. (Fig.12)

But whilst new cars must specify emissions, the use of labelling is not mandatory and was only introduced on a voluntary basis three years ago. It is therefore not surprising that awareness of this scheme is lower.

The difference in awareness between new and second-hand buyers is significant, with half the number of second-hand buyers aware of the scheme compared to new buyers (8% vs. 16%). When shown an example of the label, 41% of new buyers had either seen or heard of it, compared to only 27% of second-hand buyers.

RAC calls for:

  • Information on model-specific emissions should be effectively communicated to all motorists. RAC believes this can be achieved by using the fuel efficiency label on all MOT certificates or tax discs - not only are all motorists required to have these items, but it would provide an annual reminder of how efficient their car is.

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