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Environmental challenges according to motorists

What has had the greatest impact in making cars more environmentally friendly over the past 20 years?

  • More fuel efficient engines
  • Unleaded petrol
  • Catalytic converters and low CO2 emission fuels such as bio-diesel; gas

The main changes that need to happen now, in order to have a major impact in making motoring more environmentally friendly 20 years from now are:

  • Develop technology that makes engines even more efficient and less polluting
  • Improvement of/investment in public transport
  • Investment in alternative fuels (bio-diesel/electric)

What influences buying a more environmentally friendly car?

  • Incentives for buying a low CO2 emission car
  • More information on cars' CO2 emission levels
  • Reduction in cost of alternative fuels: bio-fuels; LPG, CNG

The environment and motorists

Executive summary