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Motorway prices: why so high?

Motorway drivers have long been the victims of some pretty indefensible pricing at the pumps with many service stations charging on average between 10p and 15p extra per litre above the ‘high-street’ or supermarket forecourt price.  There is no reason for motorway services’ fuel prices to be higher than elsewhere; the explanation can only be the fact that they have a captive audience.

The RAC wants motorway fuel retailers to be compelled to display their prices clearly before the service station so that drivers have some warning of how much they are likely to pay when they fill up. The Prime Minister has called for this to be made law, but as yet it has not been enacted.

The RAC believes it’s important that motorway services are transparent and fair on all their prices. While it’s hard for motorists to understand the postcode lottery around fuel pricing generally, motorway fuel prices have been too high for too long without any justifiable reason. We strongly urge the Government to take action to rectify this issue very soon.