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European fuel prices

The UK has some of the highest fuel prices in Europe. In fact, we currently (as of September 2013) pay the highest price for diesel in the European Union. In terms of petrol, Britain is some way behind the likes of Italy and the Netherlands, which both have average unleaded prices of €1.8, but the UK diesel price is still well above the European average.

Estonia tends to have the cheapest petrol in Europe, closely followed by Romania, Latvia, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland, Hungary and Luxembourg. For diesel Luxembourg usually has the lowest price. As of September 2013 Estonia was the cheapest country for both petrol and diesel.

Anyone with a petrol engine heading for France would be better to fill up this side of the Channel whereas diesel drivers can happily go to any forecourt in Europe safe in the knowledge they will almost certainly be saving money.

Price of Diesel by Country

Price of Diesel by Country graph

Price of Unleaded by Country

Price of Unleaded by Country graph

Graph data correct as of 12 November 2013

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