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The cost of fuel: your concerns

The RAC is committed to supporting UK motorists by campaigning on the issues that matter most. Time and again we hear that the cost of motoring is the biggest cause of concern to them and that the high price of fuel is having a significant impact on their lives.

We are working with fuel retailers to understand how we can ensure that the UK fuel market is as fair and transparent as possible. We are also talking to the Government about issues like fuel duty, maintenance of roads and building a transport infrastructure fit for the next century to ensure that motorists get a fair deal for the £40bn-plus they pay in motoring taxation each year.

Here we aim to give you all the important information you need to know about petrol and diesel, including keeping you up to date on which way prices are heading, providing an insight into the fuel industry and the work the RAC is doing to campaign for fair forecourt prices.

Key facts from RAC Report on Motoring 2013

  • The cost of driving is still the number one concern for nearly half (46%) of motorists
  • More than three quarters (77%) claim they are struggling to make ends meet because of the cost of fuel
  • Nearly two thirds (63%) of mums feel their lifestyle has significantly suffered because of the existing high cost of fuel – 10% above dads and 12% above the national average
  • Nine in 10 (89%) rely more than ever on their vehicles for day-to day activities than 25 years ago
  • Four out of five (78%) think the money they pay to Government through motoring taxes is not properly invested in local roads

RAC calls to action

  • The Government’s freeze on fuel duty until at least September 2014 is welcome, but it’s not enough. The recent study by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research funded by the FairFuelUK campaign has established a clear link between the cost of fuel, economic growth and employment.
  • The RAC calls on the Government to take further immediate action to cap, or cut, fuel duty so as to reduce ‘fuel poverty’ and stimulate economic growth, create jobs and reduce inflationary pressures.
  • The RAC also calls on the Government to create greater transparency in the price motorists pay at the pump by requiring all receipts issued by filling stations to itemise the cost of the fuel, fuel duty and VAT separately.