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Know-how: Tips on safe driving in winter

We provide usefull tips on safer driving this winter.


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Video transcript:

Here are some other tips to follow during the winter:

If the forecast or conditions are really bad, only drive if it is absolutely necessary

Before setting out on a journey, remove all ice or snow from your vehicle’s windows and lights – don’t drive with a small hole cut through the ice on your windscreen

Also try to remove the snow from the roof of the car – if you have to brake suddenly it can slide forwards blocking your vision or if driving fast, fly off and put other drivers at risk

Don’t use hot water on the windscreen as this may crack the glass

Plan your journey in advance and check for diversions or closures

Download the RAC Traffic Plus app – a combination of RAC’s popular Route Planner with its traffic information service so you can plan your route on your phone and access ‘real-time’ information on any hold-ups along the way

Make sure you have enough fuel for your journey – you’ll use more fuel when driving in heavy traffic and stop/start conditions

Adjust your speed to suit the weather conditions and remember it takes longer to stop in slippery conditions so leave more space between you and the car in front

Things to keep in your car:

  • Keep some warm clothing and a blanket in your car – you never know when you might get caught out by the weather
  • A pair of boots
  • Scrapper and de-icer
  • Torch
  • Mobile phone and charger in case you breakdown
  • Water and a flask with a warm drink as well as something to eat
  • Map - in case roads are closed or you get diverted
  • Sunglasses – for bright days when the sun is low and also to avoid glare from snow
  • If it’s snowing a shovel could be just what you need