Corporate Responsibility: Environment (May 2010)

Green Credentials

  • Environmental programmes and procedures in place across RAC Patrols include:
  • Hybrid and speed limiter technology currently being trialled
  • Speed limiters rolled out across the whole fleet
  • Carbon monitoring of the fleet
  • Satellite navigation and intelligent deployment systems are used – designed to reduce fuel consumption, patrol fleet congestion and speed up rescue
  • All rescue vehicles are maintained to the highest standards to ensure the best fuel economy, thereby minimising toxic emissions
  • Unusable parts are recycled, e.g. batteries suitable for reconditioning
  • Certified sites are used for the disposal of contaminated fuel and other oils as per regulation

RAC Environmental Policy Statement

Key stats and figures

Fuel consumption of the RAC fleet has reduced from 10.3 million litres to 9.1 million litres, a reduction of 11.6%. This is multi-factoral due to:

  • The economic down turn and fewer cars on the road
  • Pinpoint satellite navigation systems in the vehicles to ensure quickest and nearest assistance is deployed to customers
  • More technical staff in the call centres to talk customers through simple repairs, allowing the motorist to continue their journey sooner and breakdown assistance mileage is reduced.

We are also making use of our local knowledge of reliable garages to reduce towing mileage and achieve a comprehensive repair quickly.

These changes in our processes, together with speed limiters and minimising our carrying load, have all reduced the carbon intensity of our roadside breakdown service whilst still providing the highest level of customer satisfaction.