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RAC supports the FairFuelUK campaign

The high cost of motoring is the number one concern on motorists' minds according to the 2011 RAC Report on Motoring. At RAC we are more than ever aware that motorists are struggling with increasing petrol and diesel prices, which is why we are a proud supporter and sponsor of the FairFuelUK campaign for lower fuel prices in the UK.

Key facts

  • Petrol is 22% more expensive today than it was in February 2010, and diesel is 27% higher than two years ago - far in excess of inflation.
  • The increase in fuel prices over the past two years means an extra £14 for petrol and £17 for diesel each time they fill up the tank in an average car (Ford Focus or equivalent).
  • The planned 3p increase in fuel duty will add another £1.65 to the cost of each and every fill-up at the petrol pump for the average motorist.

What we are doing

Following the outcome of the March budget the FairFuelUK team is lobbying furiously to challenge the announcement by the Chancellor confirming that the 3p per litre rise in duty on petrol & diesel will go ahead on 01 August.

In a time when drivers are already struggling with record petrol and diesel costs the planned 3p rise will put further pressure on motorists already under immense financial strain.

RAC wants a fairer system of taxing petrol and diesel and champions the motorists concerns by teaming with FairFuelUK to lobby and bring about change.

How you can save money on fuel

These top five tips can help save on your petrol or diesel bills:

  1. Drive smoothly and plan ahead - checking the road ahead and anticipating traffic avoids sharp braking and accelerating. This can save up to 15% on fuel costs.
  2. Stick to the speed limits - slowing down by 10mph saves 40p on fuel for every 10 miles.
  3. Think of revs as £ signs - The more you rev the more it will cost you in fuel.
  4. Check the tyre pressures regularly - under-inflated tyres can increase fuel consumption by up to 2%.
  5. Shop around for fuel and plan before you drive - use price comparison websites such as to find the cheapest fuel near to where you live.

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