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Carnet de Passage

Frequently asked questions

What is a Carnet?

Think of the carnet document as a "passport" for the vehicle. It allows temporary importation of a vehicle, e.g. motorcycle, car, 4x4 into certain countries OUTSIDE Europe, without payment of duties & taxes upon entry. RAC hold a security to cover the risk in the form of an insurance indemnity.

How much notice does RAC require to produce a carnet?

Due to seasonal demand, preparation of quotation & related queries we ask for a minimum of 1 months notice from the time you have provided us with your completed and signed application form/terms & conditions and the required supporting documents for us to issue a no obligation quote.

My vehicle is not registered in UK - can RAC still issue a Carnet to me ?

RAC can issue a Carnet to a UK, Channel Islands or Irish registered vehicle. For vehicles registered in other EU/overseas countries, application should be made to the national motoring authority of that country or permission granted to RAC by the appropriate issuing club. RAC can advise on this.

How long is a Carnet valid for?

A Carnet is valid for 12 months from date of issue.  In accordance with the Carnet handbook your Carnet start date will be the date on which it is dispatched from our office. Please take this into consideration when making your travel arrangements. Please contact us if you are not happy for the Carnet to be dispatched on receipt of your payment.

How do I apply?

Complete and sign the RAC Carnet application form/terms & conditions and submit to RAC Carnets with legible copies of your passport, driving licence & V5 vehicle registration certificate. There is no need to send any fees at this point. We will send you a no obligation quote within 1 month of you submitting the required forms and documents.

RAC & its insurers, reserve the right to decline Carnet issue according to risk & vehicle suitability for the journey to be undertaken.

What is the price of a Carnet?

5 page - £215.00, 10 page £220.00, 25 page £225.00. Each page represents an entry and exit from a country. Therefore, for an overland journey across Africa a 25 page document would be required.

How do I pay for my Carnet?

You can pay by calling RAC Carnets on 08000 468 375 with a credit or debit card (AMEX & Diners Card not accepted). Alternatively a transfer can be made into an RAC bank account, details can be supplied on request..

How do I calculate how much my Carnet will cost?

Refer to the Carnet de Passage Pricing link or call RAC Carnet team on 08000 468 375.

How do I use the Carnet?

Each page is divided into three sections; the lower section is removed by Customs on entry into a country; the middle section is removed on exit; the top, counter-foil section, is stamped once on entry and once on exit. A country re-visited during the return journey will require a new page to be stamped. It is vital that the holder gets these endorsements, particularly on exit, as they prove that a vehicle has complied with temporary import conditions and discharge responsibility for any possible future import charges.

I will be away for the more than 1 year, how do I renew?

Depending on your plans, RAC will either issue a new Carnet to cover further countries or it may be possible to extend the Carnet locally with the assistance of an overseas motoring club. Please call RAC Carnets on 08000 468 375 to discuss your travel plans before departure.  Further fees will be required. Please be aware the Carnet De Passage is for the use of temporary import of a vehicle and a renewal is not guaranteed.

I am already overseas with my vehicle, how do I get a Carnet?

Initially, from overseas, you should call RAC Carnets on +44 1603 605154, or email us at [] to discuss your plans. A completed Carnet application form/terms & conditions, copies of your passport, driving licence (paper & photo card version) and V5 vehicle registration certificate should be emailed to RAC Carnets. A quotation will then be prepared & sent via email. Fees can be paid by credit card or direct into an RAC bank account and the Carnet dispatched by courier at your request. The cost of the courier will be added to your quote. 

Why do you send documents overseas by courier?

Whilst it is accepted this is costly, please bear in mind the Carnet is a valuable document. Both the RAC and our customers need to track where the document is in the carrier network. If documents were sent by airmail and subsequently lost, we would have to re-issue and charge you again, resulting in delays for you. Sending by courier is a quick and secure method of delivery. RAC will provide a transit time and a tracking number to you.

Can I keep the Carnet as a souvenir of my travels?

Regrettably no, the Carnet is the property of the issuing association (RAC). Until the Carnet is returned, RAC will not release the 50% of the insurance premium and refundable deposit held as security. Expired Carnets must be returned as soon as it expires or the vehicle returns to the UK (whichever is sooner), to enable us to resolve any queries or claims received from an overseas customs authority/motoring club. If you wish, you can take a photocopy before returning to the RAC.

I have completed my travels, how do I get my security held by the RAC released?

Once you are back in the UK with the vehicle or the vehicle is no longer in a country requiring the document, you should return the Carnet by guaranteed post to:

RAC Carnets (Returns)
Great Park Road
Bradley Stoke
BS32 4QN

If overseas, please return your Carnet by secure mail or courier and notify the RAC Carnet team of dispatch, via email.

RAC will refund 50% of the insurance premium and insurance premium tax and 100% of the £350 deposit paid when the correctly discharged Carnet has been returned within 3 months of the expiry date. Refunds can be paid into a UK bank account (please supply your bank details when returning the Carnet - bank name, sort code, account number & account name). If an overseas bank account transfer is required a £20 admin fee is applicable. Refunds can take up to 8 weeks to be processed.  The Carnet must be returned to RAC within 3 months of the expiry date to ensure release of your security.

My Carnet was not stamped on exit from the last country we visited but the vehicle is now back in the UK?

The last page of the Carnet is the "Certificate of Location". This page should be completed by HM Revenue & Customs preferably at the port of arrival. This confirms the vehicle is back in the UK and can act as proof that the vehicle has been exported should a potential claim for duty/taxes be received by RAC. Contact the RAC Carnet team on 08000 468 375 for further guidance.

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