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More About Legal Expenses Insurance

RAC's own Legal Expenses Insurance product (Legal Care) is linked to you or your family and not to a particular policy. With RAC Legal Care, you have access to:

24hr legal advice on any private legal matter

  • Access to our expert team of legal advisers who can advise on anything from consumer issues to boundary disputes and family law
  • You could save. Without cover, even 1 hour's worth of advice from a solicitor could cost you considerably more than RAC Legal Expenses Insurance.

Get up to £100,000 cover for legal costs after an accident that wasn't your fault

  • You're covered on the road, as a pedestrian or at work
  • You're covered as a driver or passenger

Replacement vehicle hire after an accident

We could provide you with a replacement vehicle similar to your own if yours is being repaired after an accident that wasn't your fault

Up to £10,000 to help you defend a motoring prosecution

Where we feel you have a reasonable chance of success, we can provide you with up to £10,000 of Legal Expenses cover.

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