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Thread: Renault Kangoo Van: Not Starting

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    Default Renault Kangoo Van: Not Starting

    Alrighty There People...

    I need your help.

    1998 Renault Kangoo 1.9D

    Okay, a few weeks ago the van wouldn't start. I'd just driven it the short distance from work to the shops, and when I came out again, it wouldn't start. Used jump leads to get it going, fine. Next day, fine.

    Jump forward two weeks, and coming home from work, going up-hill at 40mph, changing from 4th to 3rd, engine dies. Typical dead battery scenario, lights on dash, etc. Again jump start it, drive home. Next day, wouldn't start.

    Put the battery on charge overnight, still wouldn't start. Usual dead battery noise, engine barely turning over, you get the picture.

    Yesterday, bought a brand spanking new battery from the shop, £50.00, fitted it, exactly the same problem. As if it's a dead battery.


    So. Glow plugs seem to work fine, get a light on the dash for about 10 seconds, I can hear them whirring/clicking/whatever. I've done a bit of research, and found that it could be the starter motor, and initial advice is see if there's any dirt/corrosion on it, clear it with contact cleaner stuff. Great, I'll try it.

    Two questions:


    2. Could it be something else?

    Okay, let's just clarify something here - I am not a mechanic or engine-minded in any way. I open the bonnet, look for a moment, then think, "Get a garage." Me looking under the bonnet is as good as a blind person looking at a Michelangelo. (No offense to blind people. Or Michelangelo.)

    So, help would be most appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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    If the engine turns over but, just very slowly it is most likely to be cables or the starter at fault.

    Try connecting a jump lead between the battery negative terminal and a good clean metal part of engine. If this cures it - You have a bad earth cable that needs connections cleaning or replacing.
    If not disconnect battery and check/clean the terminals on the starter the large bolt on ones should be tight.

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    If you can identify the engine, with gearbox fixed to it, between the two is a bell housing connecting them (the clutch lives in there) the starter motor will be a cylinder shape sort of going into the bell housing with some wires attached at least one fairly big wire. That terminal is what MrDanno is referring to.

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