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Thread: No spare wheel with new Peugeot?

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    If the government and their associated safety bodies had any clue regarding the additional dangers of not having a proper spare wheel, they would by now have amended the Construction and Use Act to make this a legal requirement on a vehicle.

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    Quote Snowball.."If the government and their associated safety bodies had any clue"

    Ah! come on Snowball, any government having a clue, is as rare as hens teeth

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    Default I found the same problem on my new Peugeot Bipper Tepee

    I just bought a new Peugeot Bipper Tepee Outdoor 1.4 HDi 70, as rare as hens teeth, after sending me my prefered silver one it had wrong engine, Peuget Uk found the last one but in metalic red so I accepted as done deal with 3,144 discount, dealer had to transport from Inverness to Blackburn, first try turned back at Perth due to snow, I paid 42.12 extra for a bare rim but the winch type storeage fitting is going to cost another 240 (does not include jack toolkit), when I collected it there was a small mark on front bumper but said could not do anything but full refund, I did not want that so squeezed a new tyre fitted free on spare, 2 days later I found a small square cover missing off rear bumper toe eye hole, cost 8 as no way was I going 230 miles back to argue for one.
    Manual says once repaired with goo you can travel up to 120 miles then you must replace tyre, also the goo cartridge has a use by date, talk about a throw away society, if the hole is larger than a nail I am told the goo don't work so you need a tyre company to come out to fit new tyre, I think it's worth spending about 125 for a spare wheel, jack and wheelbrace, as for the further 240 for the winch fitting I am not sure yet.
    The silly compressor comes with a Peugeot plug to fit 12v accessory socket that nothing else uses not a cigarette lighter socket which is not even fitted same as ashtray tub which differs on all models, plug is there to fit cigarette lighter socket but dealer can't find any parts so can't charge mobile or power sat nav, really bad design errors.
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