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Thread: locked out of my ford focus, keys in boot :( no spare

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    Default locked out of my ford focus, keys in boot :( no spare

    ford focus 2000 zetec1.6

    hi as the title suggests i done something silly while rushing around in the morning, long story short keys are now in the boot, and car is locked and i have no spare.

    tried the coat hanger but not seem to be working, how can i check if it is deadlocked or not??

    and please does anyone know if the boot open button works when car is off??? i have been trying to push it with a rod through the door seal but im not sure if im not pushing hard enough or it just wont work because the car is off? please if you own a focus you may know this or be able to check and i would greatly appreciate it!!

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    hello got a focus tdci and the boot button works when car is off,good luck
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    once the car is locked with the fob or key the boot button no longer works you can gain access to the car quite easily but can not say how on a open forum i would suggest ringing out your breakdown company or ring local dealer to see if they can order you another key...

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    I've only gone and done the same last night!

    Keys in the boot, car is definitely deadlocked. (Unless opening the boot from the key fob deactivates it!)

    Just wondering if the RAC can definitely get the boot/car doors open (or get access to my keys) before I sign up...

    p.s. It's a 2003 Focus (Hatchback!)
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    hi just thought i shoud post the solution, for guys who this happened to, like the guy above.

    better late then never, sorry!

    i called tha rac who were able to wind the windows down through special secret technique, this allowed entry to the car

    unfortunatly in my circumstance where key was under the hood, the focus has no means of opening hood without key, lol but eventually we squeezed it open enough for me to squeeze my hand in and find the key! happy ending.

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