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Thread: Renault Grand Scenic Alarm

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    Question Renault Grand Scenic Alarm

    I have recently purchased a second hand Renault Grand Scenic, 2005, 1998cc, Petrol Auto 7 Seater.

    Problem with the alarm, when setting the alarm, the lights flash and all doors and windows locked, however a high pitched screech constantly goes off towards the rear inside of vehicle/tailgate.. If I push the boot button on remote thius noise dissapears, however after 15-60 mins alarm keeps going off. Has any one had same problem or got any ideas how to stop.....

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    Smile renault grand scenic alarm

    to any one that as a faulty alarm on renault grand scenic and have tryed turning off the sencers and spent time messing with the switch under the bonnet and still it still keeps going off after about 30 secs after locking the best fix is open your boot on the left side remove the 2 screws from th plastic rail that holds the boot cover then on the floor under the loose seat cover carpet ther is 3 more screws in the plastic panel on the floor remove them then pull away the side panel remove the plug out off the back of the boot light now you can pull the side panel to the floor now you can see the alarm siren coming from the siren there is a black earth wire that goes to a nut on the back corner post remove the nut and take off the earth wire replace the nut as there are other earth wires now with the earth wire taken off rap some instalation tape round it so that it doesnt make contact at any time thats it replace every thing back and now the alarm is fully disabled will never give you probs again if you do like i did and phone renault them selfs they will tell you that there is no way of bye passing or removing the alarm just to make you take the car in to them to be charged a mass price for it so there you go take it from me it took me around 30 mins to strip disconect and put every thing back again and cost erm 0.00 hope this helps some one that was in the same situ as we was o yes ours is the 58 plate model with the key less entry

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    You should of course advise your insurance company if you disable the alarm...

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