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Thread: accident who is to blame?

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    Default accident who is to blame?

    im going to go through the accident/RTA situation and i wont you to decide who you think is at fault

    a vehicle lets call it (vehicle A) was doing a turn in the road not on a main road at a minimum of 43ft or just over 13 meters away from the junction

    when (vehicle B) turn on to the road and struck vehicle A on its side

    more info..
    there was a drive in front and behind vehicle A at the time of impact
    the conditions where good/dry and visibility was good
    it was not a blind junction as the road tapers out on both sides

    so what do you guys think and who is to blame vehicle A or vehicle B

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    The vehicles are blameless.

    If things were exactly as described, I'd say the driver of vehicle B was at fault, but it's seldom so clear-cut.

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