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Thread: Failed my driving test for being too cautious.

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    Default Failed my driving test for being too cautious.

    I had my driving test today, and it all went bottom end up right from the beginning.
    I said hi to the test guy. he ignored me and told me to follow him.
    I said i prefer driving in my socks. he said its not allowed, but to do what i want.
    i tried to make small conversation to try calm the nerves. he ignored me.
    after 30 minutes of driving i found myself back at the test centre being told that i failed because i was too slow and being to cautious.
    The too slow bit might have been true sometimes, but he took me right through a built up area, with lots of bumps, lots of pedestrians, of course im going to go slow.
    he also said that i had a line of traffic behind me, when i know for a matter of fact that i kept checking for traffic, and only once did i have a car behind me, and it was in the built up area.
    I feel like because i was the last person of the day, he just wanted to get back quickly.
    The guy has a reputation for not being very nice.
    has anyone else experience anything like this?

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    Sorry to hear that you failed.

    Was this test in Great Britain? If so, are you sure you've remembered it correctly? It is unlike any of the several hundred I've witnessed.

    Normally, they ask to see your licence, and for you to read and sign the insurance and residency declaration. They ask whether you still live at the address on the licence, and whether you'd like your instructor to accompany you. At some stage during those exchanges, I've never known the examiner NOT to introduce himself, and to ask what name you prefer to use.

    After all that - which goes a bit beyond saying "Hi" - they would normally ask to follow you, not vice versa, since only you know where the car is!

    Finally, there is nothing to stop you driving in your socks: people do it every day.

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    Welcome to the site KN, sorry to read about the result of your driving test. I remember when I did my test, it was a town I had never been in before, (long story) anyway, the examiner told me to take the first left, after we had left the test centre, which I did, but it was a garage forecourt?So, thinking that I had failed at the point! I just relaxed and carried on, then I got a shock when we got back to the test centre to be told that. I had passed!

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