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Thread: car sold but insurance left running - now a claim against me

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    As I said - this is too complicated for this forum. Get legal advice.

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    This is a common problem and many thousands of people have had claims made against their insurance policies because they forgot or could not be bothered to notify their insurers that they no longer owned the vehicle.

    And this is not new. I have probably dealt with 30 or 40 such cases over the past 4 or 5 years, and the policy holder has been hit every time.

    It can also apply if your car is stolen and it is involved in a crash. Although there would be an MIB claim, the third party will come knocking on the policy holders door in the first instance.

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    Thank you for your reply. Do you mind if I ask in what capacity you have had dealings with these cases, I.e. I'm guessing you are a motoring solicitor or alike?

    If this is the case, have you had no one try to enquire down the avenues I have touched on regarding the actual driver or any policies they may of had on other vehicles which could be focused on?

    Also does this mean it is a loss that has to be declared for the next 5 years and hike my premiums on all my other policies accordingly? It seems like it is too absurd to be actual law that the guy who ran around smashing into things doesn't even get asked his name and yet someone who didn't even own the car anymore picks up the tab for the next 5 years,

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