On the 18th of August, my wife, sister in law and myself were driving along a mountain road in Wales when my wife who was driving had to swerve to avoid a rock penetrating from the side of the road and into our path. We have travelled this particular road before with no problems. This time however, a logging company had bought the forest which the road runs through and it was their activities that had created the problem. We ended up with our near side resting on the road with both near side wheels in the ditch. It took several hours for the RAC Rescue to reach us as we were in the wilds. To give you some idea, there were 30 farm gates to open and close on the whole length of the road. Anyway, we were finally sorted with the help of an RAC tow truck that got us out of the ditch. The car was undamaged, verified by an indipendant garage later that night.
Now my gripe is this. Within two days of getting home, we were getting phone calls enquiring for details of our 'accident' on the 18th of August. I ask what accident, what road and what time. They could not tell me. So I put the phone down. Two days later a similar call, dealt with in the same way. We have had several since all terminated the same way. Today, I received another 'phone call about our 'accident' on the 18th of August. The conversation went, 'Hello', 'Er hello. I'm calling about your accident on the 18th of August'. 'What accident?' 'Er the one with your VolksWagon Golf.' 'Who are you?' 'We're an accident claims company.' 'What vehicles were involved?'
'We only have details of your Golf'. 'Only my vehicle'? 'Yes.' 'So it wasn't an accident then?' 'Well, yes it was.' 'Look, it was not an accident, it was caused by a rock which the driver tried to avoid and we ended up in a ditch. No one was injured, no other vehicle was involved, the car was not damaged. We just lost a few hours that's all. Goodbye.' I put the phone down.
Now it has occurred to me that the only other people to know about it was the garage who checked over the car, he was a personal friend and would not use the information, the other was the RAC. It is obvious that they are selling members details and accident information on to insurance/ambulance chasers. How else would these leaches have my telephone number and vehicle details together with the date of the incident. These type of roads are on national maps so are a legitimate highway but are mainly only used by the locals. So it seems unlikely to be a passer by out for an easy buck.
I am disgusted that the RAC uses members details in this way. Of course, they will deny it. What if it was an accident and a serious one with a fatality and the family receives a phone call like that? It's despicable and disgusting.