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Thread: RAC - do they even have a clue???

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    Default RAC - do they even have a clue???

    To be fair, the service the RAC offer is an actual joke, I rang up at 4am, (had to pay 150 quid for membership on the spot) having broken down, after giving my location, a recovery van arrived some 1 hour later, drove right passed me, despite me sprinting after him.. so I rang again, another was sent out, this one reaching me at 6am (2 hours after i broke down) his road side assistance was looking at my engine whilst it was running saying "coil pack has blown" with that the RAC then charged me to get towed home for 70, this is meant to be a 1 time non refundable service (after already charging me 150 ish for membership fees) as the parts shop wasn't open to fix me on the side of the road. this low loader did not arrive until 8am. After reaching home, i placed an order for a coil pack, when it arrived, i replaced each coil pack 1 by 1, to no avail... it wasn't a coil pack... if the RAC man hooked a computer up to my car he WOULD have known that. Luckily, i have friends who are mechanics, so after my failed attempts with the coil pack, 2 mechanics came down (real mechanics... not RAC cowboys) ran a diagnostic computer through it, completely dissembled my front end and we found it was actually a head gasket... (REALLY GOOD GOING RAC!) Do you just pay random idiots off the street to drive your vans around with a bunch of tools and just give them buzz words to use? As it happens, I have 2 friends who are lawyers and a friend in media, and will be looking to get some money back, and make this terrible service known, after your absolute shambles of a service... receipts kept, and had my go pro running in my car... enjoy this one... you absolute useless company....

    And yes, I will be putting this on every automotive website I can find, as I genuinely find your service a joke, and everyone else in the country should be aware of the cowboys you employ.

    I'll be off to the AA. They seem far more professional than this circus.
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