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Thread: which insurer?

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    Of course we have no idea of their personal circumstances. Some people are willing and able to spend £thousands on their cars, including insurance. Some businesses allow their staff to choose a leased car with insurance included. Of course there are some people who cheat, either by not having insurance at all, or lying to the insurance company that a parent is the main driver and they are a named extra. No doubt there are other ways I haven't thought of.

    I should add that I do not recommend any of the above. If you take the risk, you may well have to pay the consequences. Incidentally, I am still paying for my daughter's insurance, and it has now dropped to a manageable £300.

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    Speaking of cheats, it's amazing just how many folk take liberties with their Mobility cars. There was a case in our area, where the person was using his car to run a parcel delivery business?

    I read in their magazine that someone was using their Mobility car as a taxi, and had disconnected the speedo so that the mileage wouldn't be recorded?

    They were caught out when the car went in for a service? Some folk are just unbelievable Eh!

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