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Thread: International Student buys the first car in the UK. Advice please!!!

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    Lightbulb International Student buys the first car in the UK. Advice please!!!

    I am an international student and have never purchased a car myself before. Therefore, I really appreciate if everyone can help me with below queries.

    I am planning to get this used car:

    Do you have any recommend or any feedback regarding to that car dealer - Fish Motors in Bolton?

    Another thing that I am concerning, the car dealer is 200 miles away from where I am living. So does that mean every time I have problems with my car, I will have to take it back there?

    Also, I have contacted them regarding warranty and they stated "we are an RAC WARRANTY provider,we can do 3 months silver warranty for 199,or 12 months gold cover for 399. Also, the rac warranty is national, you can take to local garag, not bmw/mini as the rac wont pay there hourly rate."

    Does that mean I need to pay for the warranty? Also, is the RAC Warranty same with AA Break Down thing? So if I purchase RAC Warranty, then I dont need to purchase other break down cover?

    Does that sound right? Are they reputable and trust-able dealer?

    Please give me as much advice as possible. I really have no idea with all car things and UK Market as well. Would be most grateful and very appreciate for any advice.

    Lastly, if I do go ahead with this car, then do I need to buy my insurance before coming to collect the car? Or can I get the car back to my house then will be arranging the insurance?

    Thanks everyone so much!

    P.s: Sorry but I could not post my own topic

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    It is generally agreed that those type of warranties represent POOR value for money. In my opinion, I would avoid any dealers who sold that type of Warranty. Are you in the UK yet? If you have not arrived yet, then my advice to you is to wait until you arrive and then get advice from the Students advisory counsellors or Welfare services at your college.

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