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Thread: Mileage or Make?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Santa View Post
    How else to convince you guys. If the road is not moving, and the tyre is not skidding, it MUST be stationary at the point of contact. A point on the circumference of a wheel on a moving car is describing a series of arcs (as shown on the accurate wikipedia diagram). It does not go round in circles.
    How can we convince you about the principle of wheels and traction?

    Imagine your vehicle is on a steep incline. Do not have the engine switched on. Put the vehicle in Neutral. Release the handbrake.

    What happens next?

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    if the wheel is revolving, and the tyre is attached to the wheel, then every point of the wheel is revolving
    No it isn't. The wheel is rotating relative to the car - but I am on the ground. the centre of the axle is moving in a straight line.

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    No, Santa. If it is a driven axle, then yes, it will travel in a straight line, but will still rotate. If it is an undriven axle, then it too will travel in a straight line, but with the wheel revolving around it. Your comment about this brings me to the question that, taking your original premise into account, how would you expect it to behave? Either driven or not.

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