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Thread: Vehicle parked on private property with NO insurance.

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    Default Vehicle parked on private property with NO insurance.

    Hi folks,

    My insurance ran out today (17/05/2013) at 12:01AM, it is now 04:04AM. I was planning on insuring the car several hours ago but my internet was non-existent for a few hours. Completely my fault, I know.

    The car is now insured. However, it's not coming up on askMID site as insured . Can I expect a FPN through the post?

    Here's a quote from askMID

    The law on motor insurance has changed. If you own a vehicle and it is registered in your name, unless it has been declared as “off the road” with a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) with the DVLA, it must be insured at all times.

    As part of the Continuous Insurance Enforcement policy, a letter is sent to registered keepers if their vehicle is not on the MID and appears NOT to have insurance.
    This will be enforced by way of a fixed penalty notice or prosecution if the vehicle continues to appear uninsured on the MID.
    I would have thought they would warn you, etc before a fine?

    Thanks in advanced.

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    I don't think a couple of hours without insurance is what they are worried about, and it would be unrealistic to SORN a vehicle for four hours. I don't think you willl hear anything from them.

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    Goodness me - paranoid or what?

    These new laws and regulations, together with the draconian penalties, get a lot of publicity; I suppose that it is not surprising that people get scared. On the truck driver's forum to which I subscribe, one often sees drivers worrying "I have gone two minutes over my driving time - will I be hauled up in front of the Traffic Commissioner and publicly flogged?"

    From my reading of problems relating to SORN, a few hours or days is not really a problem (although the statute allows no leeway). The biggest problem seems to be from people who don't get a confirmation letter. You should get this within 15 days, and if you don't then you should chase them for it.

    What happens next?

    The DVA should send you a letter confirming SORN. If you don’t receive the letter after 15 days of making SORN, you should contact DVA Vehicle Enquiry Section on 0845 402 4000 (if you have made a SORN in advance you should wait 15 days after the expiry of previous tax or SORN).
    I also believe that you have to make a new declaration every year. If you eventually scrap it then you get a certificate from the scrap yard to send them, and that will end your responsibility.
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