Vauxhall Corsa 1.3 CDTI 2011,2012,2013 have a Serious Problem with the Engine Valves Sticking, Vauxhall are aware of this and are choosing to bury there heads in the sand hoping we will not notice, & having spent your hard earned cash on a nice NEW motor, how shocked will you be when you find out that Vauxhall have a big secret, they are hiding the fact that certain models have a Serious Engine Fault & Possibly the Electrics, watch this video and see if yours is affected like mine, it's pay back time for all the deceit & lies they tell us the motoring public, and enough is enough so pass on & lets get this Serious issue resolved for everybody, don't stand any fobbing off there is a problem they are not telling us about & they are NOT going to do a recall as it will cost so who cares it's there problem and they should be big enough to tell us when they get it wrong.
Only together can we take them on and get this problem resolved & how do we know that the NEW Adam & Also the New Version of the Corsa does not have the same hidden fault & as they are hiding this from us what else are they keeping to themselves, time for action is now, start taking your problem Cars back then they may get the message we will not stand for it