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Thread: renault clio 2 1.2L charcoal canister making a ticking noise

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    Unhappy renault clio 2 1.2L charcoal canister making a ticking noise

    hi i just bought a renault clio 2..1.2l off the side of the road (bad mistake)'s been running fine since i bought it till yesterday when the engine warning light just started flashing...the car started losing power and shuddering and the gear stick started jerking a little bit when sitting at the lights....managed to get the car home but before i switched the engine off i noticed the engine was making a ticking noise....after i shut the engine down and lifted the bonnet up i could still hear the ticking noise for about 2-3 minutes coming from behind the drivers side headlight...i've done some research online and found that this problem is most likely due to the charcoal canister (or the solenoid on the canister).
    does it sound like this is the cause and is there a easy fix for this??? do i have to replace the solenoid or the canister???how much do you think it will cost to replace a canister and how much to replace a solenoid ???

    if you can help i would be really grateful...jay

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    The canister switch is controlled by the engine ECU from signals from other sensors. The canister should only open when the throttle is opened and not at idle to keep emissions to a minimum. So the fault may be a dirty throttle butterfly causing an incorrect signal i.e. throttle is closed but due to dirt holding it open slightly the ECU is triggering it. That is the cheapest route to start with.

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