Hello all,

On Friday I bought a Vauxhall Astra Sri 1.9 turbo diesel from a dealer. It was sold with full Vauxhall service history and the dealer said he gives a one month gearbox and engine warranty. On Friday night the emissions light came on and also the screen was telling me to check the coolant (I have and its fine) so I made several attempts to contact the dealer over the weekend with not much luck. I took it to Kwik Fit on Sunday who did a diagnostics test and it has come up with a faulty ERG valve and needs a new sensor for the coolant... They quoted 424. They also suggested that perhaps a previous diagnostics had been done and the light had just been switched off without any repairs.
I managed to get hold of the dealer and told him this and asked him to cover it, he said that they should just take the valve out and clean it then put it back in. I declined this and told him it needs replacing. So he has said he will do it at his local garage however has got very stroppy with me about doing the sensor as he says his warranty is engine and gearbox only. I asked him to provide me with the paperwork after the job is done so I know he hasn't just cleaned it and put the faulty one back in... This is when he got quite cross.
I have also noticed a rattling when the clutch is pressed in and a whirring from the front drivers side, neither was there when I test drove it. I am concerned that if I ask him to sort this out as well he is going to get annoyed and refuse to do the lot. If this happens I am not sure where I stand.... Is he obliged to do this work seen as though I just bought the car? What do I do if he refuses? And am I entitled to have copies of the receipts of the work done?

It is probably obvious that I haven't a clue about cars... I did test drive this vehicle and checked the paperwork however was on my own. I am not sure if I have been naive, this is a genuine unfortunate incident or the dealer has deliberately screwed me over in the hope I wouldn't come back.

Any help is greatly appreciated! :-)