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Thread: Ford Focus Wont Start.

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    Default Ford Focus Wont Start.

    Hi Hope someone can help!

    We have a petol 2006 Ford Focus which wont start, the is lots of life in the battery but when I turn it over there is a constant clicking from the starter motor.

    Any thoughts on what going wrong.



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    Quote........"when I turn it over there is a constant clicking from the starter motor."

    I think your answer is written above, your starter motor could be broken?

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    One of three things battery is faulty starter motor u/s or poor connections earth or power supply to starter motor also how do you know the battery has plenty of life in it ?

    Miss breakdown

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    Default Similar experience with Ford Focus (old model) 03 Reg

    Wife dropped me off at local library with grandkids. Came back a mo later "Car won't start!". I went to car and it started for me straight away. She drove off happy. Later in the day we set off together about 20 miles, no probs, but after tea with friend, car wouldn't start for me. Turned ignition - click - nothing. Tried a few more times. Same result. Called out Rescue. Car started for him (an hour later by now) straight away. Chap told us to drive straight to our garage, not to turn ignition off or stall on the way. Did that. Next morning garage reports no problem to fix: car started fine each time they tried, so don't know what to fix! Says in desperation, I'll get a new starter motor for you. Right answer???

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    Could be. Next time it fails hit the starter with a hammer and try. Or put the car in gear, handbrake off, and rock it back and forward a few times. Then try. If it starts after either of those 2 fixes replace the starter.
    It sounds as though the starter breaks down when it gets hot so maybe go and have a cuppa for an hour then retry.

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    Default The have a cuppa method

    Funny you should say that, but when I went to start the car and found that it wouldn't start etc I HAD just had a cuppa with a friend for an hour or so! Anyway today the garage I took the car to presented me with a bill for over 150 for a starter motor replacement, even though whenever they tried to start the car (on several occasions before they replaced it) it started every time, just as it had for the Rescue teckie.

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