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Thread: Warrantywise problems

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    Default Warranty Problems

    Quote Originally Posted by ceeferscokeeper View Post
    Hi all, first post but warrantywise have really got to me!

    I bought petrol '05 Mondeo last January with 69,000 miles on the clock and part service history. It also came with a three month warranty which I had no need to use. I thought about getting a warranty out on the car after the garage one expired as I rely on it for work, but decided against it as they all seemed to be a con.

    Then one morning in October, Quentin Willson appeared in an advert for warrantywise claiming that they were different so I got a quote, as I felt Quentin was a bit of a consumer champion and wouldn't be involved with a scam company. I didn't take it out there and then but later in the afternoon a girl rang me back from warrantywise and we discussed my reservations over warranty companies, she explained that they would cover me for everything despite not having a full service history, so I took out the policy for a little over 300.

    When the policy documents arrived, they stated that I had a full service history so I rang them to point this out and they apologised and resent the policy with the service history adjusted. I went on to have the car serviced in November as per the warranty requirements.

    The car broke down on 11th January this year and had to be towed to the garage by the AA (sorry RAC fans!). The car had no compression in one of the cylinders, so I rang warrantywise and was told the garage would need to ring them with details. My garage pestered warrantywise for over a week for a claim form before they received it. Warrantywise asked me for copies of my service history which I sent off, they then said it was incomplete so I had to explain again that I have never stated or implied that I had a full service history. Eventually, they sent a technician to inspect the car. Weeks passed and I had to ring warrantywise every week to chase up getting the car repaired every week they said they were waiting on service history and every week I had to explain that I had sent everything. I finally received a letter last Friday declining the repair on the basis of not having a full service history and it not being a sudden failure?!

    Is there anything I can do? I feel I have been mis-sold this policy and they have taken my money without any intention of paying for a repair. I also feel let down by the poor customer service.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Please, please, please AVOID Auto Protect warranties like the plague- I had a problem with a car I'd only owned for 6 months and they
    weren't interested. You have been warned!!

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    Quentin has his own website - maybe you could try an email to his contact. Don't hold your breath though.

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    The subject of warranties has been discussed on here before, and the general consensus was, that they are not worth the paper they are written on?

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