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Thread: Hyundai i800

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyB1972 View Post
    Everything was done accordingly, engine flushed new oils filters, there is a problem with these engines! Ideal engines was quoted as saying yeah the cranks all snap!! Researching further the newest model I800 comes now in an auto and manual however the manual has had its bhp reduced from 170 to 134!!! WHY????? The Autobox still comes with 170 BHP!!!!!!??? WHY.
    There has recently been 2 I800's on ebay one done 60k on a 12 plate with a seized engine....!!! and a 60 plate done 12k with a seized engine!! Why are these not under warranty 5 years 100k.....!!!? Something doesnt stack up here!!
    Did you ever get to the bottom of this?
    My 2008 i800 is the 168bhp manual model, with 68k miles on it and a FHSH. Recently it blew the intercooler outlet hose off, then the turbo control solenoid had to be replaced, then a crack was discovered on the rocker cover, resulting in an oil leak. Two seperate leaks were found at the bottom corners of the (bowed) intercooler. The rocker cover and intercooler were replaced, but then this.....
    the vehicle was not running smoothly, like it had a puncture or the handbrake was partially on. It began to lose power and I pulled over.
    One of the injectors had exploded out of the engine, oil everywhere over the engine bay and running out underneath. Whatever happened internally, the pressure was enough to push the oil dipstick up 4 inches.
    It's now back with Hyundai and I'm waiting to hear back what they are proposing.
    I love my i800 and have looked after it like no-one else I know. In fact I'm actually ridiculed by family and friends for doing so.
    I'm gutted!
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    I am an iLoad owner (van version of the i800) which has covered 120k......owned since new and serviced by myself.
    This van has been as tough as nails since the start, it has allowed me to build my business (plumbing and heating) and towed various race cars to circuits such as Oulton and Snett without fail......okay the rear leaf springs snapped but thats it, this may I add was covered under the warranty by Spirit Hyundai in Northampton even though I had not used them even once for servicing.....
    Cranks : I will put my hands up, I drive it enthusiastically.....heel n toe, flat shift etc esp when duelling the like of a Vito or transporter etc and this engine just keeps going, pulling hard.
    It seems that the i800 are too highly stressed for the increased power?
    Potential buyers, dont take the above as Hyundai has been a true workhouse and I will be sorry to see it replaced by a bigger van which is now required. The only trick now is that everything else is an extra 10k and all have their own issues, I really hope the new will be as tough as this one has been.
    PS.... Pagid brake pads bite very well from cold and shed minimal brake dust unlike some others....Euro******** appeared to be the cheapest.
    Enjoy ;-)

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    Quote "........... Pagid brake pads bite very well from cold and shed minimal brake dust unlike some others.".....................I would like to find out more about them, as no matter how I try not use the brakes heavily ..........the alloy wheels are always black with dust..............I'm always having to clean them?

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