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Thread: Unfairly failed driving test

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    Default Same deal :(

    I've taken my test twice, both times I've had my instructor in the back, so that if I fail he can see where I need help. The first time the examiner was really nice, I had one serious for lanes on a roundabout my front wheel went a little over the line when I turned. it was a really tough one but I thought fair enough, I shouldn't have crossed the white line. She said apart from that I did great and to book the next one immediately. So I accepted it and booked the next.

    Today I had my 2nd. The route was much harder, and my examiner was young, (about 27) he had large sunglasses, really gelled up hair, and sat back in his seat like he just didn't care at all. I had two massive roundabouts including the one from before, and did them perfectly, I did a perfect reverse around a really busy corner, and loads of junctions. We got stuck in traffic because instead of going directly back to the test center, he choose to detour around this block, we were actually 10 minutes late and my test went on for nearly 50 minutes. When we got back, to the center, we pulled in and he said "You've failed because at the very start you didn't look left at the junction." I had no other faults what so ever.

    Me and my examiner were shocked, I did look left, but I remember he turned his head away from me at that point for a very long time, I remember thinking he was very rude for doing this. My instructor said that I definitely did look left, but he turned his head for so long that he wasn't even paying attention to me. He said he was certain I'd passed, and that if Id had any other examiner I would have.

    Appealing does nothing, they won't change it, I'm just so angry.

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    Aye! When I sat the PSV driving test, I was failed because I hesitated too long at mini roundabout, this was made worse by drivers not signalling their intentions when leaving it?It was an old fashioned bus, no power steering or other such luxuries, so not that easy to get round a mini roundabout out? I just had to accept it, even though I felt really hard done to, also, it was an expensive test to take?

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    Exclamation AVOID practical driving test with BARNET especially if the examiner is NICK NICOLAU!!

    Letís start with: I'm 36 and I have already an EU drive licence for category B and C. Back then, for B, the theory Iíve passed at 100% positive in half the time and the practical driving test I took it from first. One year later, same story for category C. Iím driving in the UK for 3 years now. I was thinking that a proper UK drive licence will be great so, a month ago Iíve done the UK theory test: 50 correct from 50 questions, finished 20 min before time. NOW, what do you think I was expected from my driving test today??? By the way, I had never any sorts of accidents! Can you believe how I react when the examiner from Barnet, Nick Nicolau talked me - you failed?... I will not explain how more experience I have and how many cars and vans I drove and how many tens of thousands of miles and how careful I am, Iím Just saying simple: AVOID AT ANY COSTS TAKING THE PRACTICAL DRIVING TEST with BARNET, especially if the examiner is Nick Nicolau! YOU WILL JUST FAIL, AND WILL NOT BE EVEN RESON TO ASK WHY!!! This person just have a very good reputation at failing with an OUTSTANDING HIGH SCORE for EVERYBODY!!! I know that from the experience of MANY people, NOT only mine.
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    If one believes that they have been failed unfairly, I suppose there is a procedure for making a complaint. Having said that, it does leave the question of how one is going to get an unbiased review of the situation, and I have never heard of an examiner's decision getting a reversal as a result of a complaint. Taking account of the number of tests taken annually and the range of examiners carrying out the tests, I am not naÔve enough to think that there are not some examiners who will fail for the slightest minor demeanour. But I always understood that reasons for failing had to be given.
    I passed my test first time after only nine lessons. I did make on mistake - needing to do a 5-point turn instead of a 3-point one. And my nerves got the better of me that I stammered through my Q and A session. But my emergency braking happened in reality, and I did beat the examiner to the dual controls, so that might have been a small nudge in my favour. However, this was all in 1953, and times have changed a bit since then.

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    There is a procedure for making complaints. You may think it's not worthwhile, but if no one complains - nothing gets done.

    It is also the case that some drivers with a lot of experience have bad habits that they are not aware of. I have no idea if that applies to you, but it has to be a consideration.
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