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Thread: Car missfired.. Diognostic light came on now feels gutless??

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    Default Car missfired.. Diognostic light came on now feels gutless??

    Morning All

    Apologies for not using the correct terminology but im not good with cars at all!
    I drive a Vauxhall Corsa CDTI 2010 - When I started the engine this morning it showed the fuel at full - when infact I had already used a quarter - I thought at the time - fantastic - but as I put my foot down to over take the car jumped and the diagnostic light came on and now the car feels like it has hardly any power - it still goes up the gears and in 5th and 6th I still get to 70mph but feels like its gutless!!!

    I know this sounds really vague but cant take it to a Vauxhall garage as they recently closed the two in my area - nearest one is 37 miles away and bit worried I could breakdown on route!!!

    any advise or help would be grateful

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    Unfortunately as it is still under warranty most good garages will not touch the car. The problem may be expensive so while the drive may be a long one, it will be cheaper in the end. Perhaps you can phone the nearest dealer and ask them to recover it, telling them it wont go. A little lie but the problem is their's while its under warranty.
    The fault could be one of many things from a failed turbo to a blocked particulate filter. These are both very expensive units to replace.

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    Assuming you are an RAC member then drive it to the dealer but allow enough time to get recovered there if it does break down.

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