Any one had any problems with the Diesel Particulate Filter. My Insignia SRI CDTi 160) is 3 years and 5 months old. 5 months out of warranty and it went into Limp Mode (30 MPH top speed).
A visit to Perrys told me my DPF was blocked, this was due to short journeys ! I do 40-60 Miles per day in my job, around town using motorways to get around South Yorkshire.
After checking with a computer they found the Turbo pipe had split (3 years old ! ). They replaced this and did a forced Regen (down the motorway with the computer connected and overrode all the commands. This cleared it (they told me).
They then charged me 300 for this. (it still lack pulling away power and at change of gear low revs a slight kangroo driving mode).

I month later, "Limp Mode".
Took it back, they did a Regen again, new codes from Vauxhall, this will cure the problem ! (no cost).
I rang Vauxhall Uk with my concern. They said it was due to short journeys, when I explained how many miles I do for work, it was "the new codes will cure it"!

3 weeks later: "Limp Mode" !
My local dealer just took the keys without saying anything!

I am waiting for them to say it needs a new DPF (about a grands worth?)! I doubt Vauxhall will want to offer any help !)

Any body else who does short journeys of 60 miles a day, causing their DPF to block up ?
Let me know please.