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Thread: Your Tips for Buying a Car!

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    Quote Originally Posted by smudger View Post
    Aye! I was beaten by 50 for a Smart car on Ebay, but a week later the owner phoned me asking if I still wanted to buy it?

    Apparently, the woman turned up to pay for it and drive it back home, but when she called her insurance company for a cover note, she was told that she couldn't drive it, as it was a semi-auto and she only had an auto license?
    oh, thats a new one on me, whats the difference, is it like some of the auto's that ive driven recently with an H gate, left hand side of the H is normal auto and the right hand side of the H is forward to change up and back to change down, or something like that, move the stick to the middle to find neatral, your foot must be on the brake to start engine, this was fiat's and alfa's idea of fun a couple of year's a go when i was working at portbury dock's (Bristol)

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    The Smart car can be driven in both modes. You can select full auto, or set it so that the driver chooses when to change gear.

    You just push the gear lever forward to select the higher gear, right through the box of 6 gears, then you pull it back to select reverse.

    Yet even in semi auto mode, when you come to a complete stop, the gearbox goes into first gear automatically, so you just pull away without having to select first gear.

    That`s what makes it so much fun to drive

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    hi all,
    my answer to the above post,
    if you want to buy a car, "DON'T BUY ONE" if you are not competent enough to drive one no matter what the size.

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