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Thread: Does water/spray/rain cause warning lights to come on? Signum 2.8 v6 turbo...

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    Default Does water/spray/rain cause warning lights to come on? Signum 2.8 v6 turbo...

    OK so I took it to the garage and LPG guys. They have replaced the LAMBDA sensor, spark plugs, brand new bosch mass air flow sensor, new nozzles for the LPG system and gave the whole system a check over. They ran it 30 miles with no problem. NO lights on.

    I then had it home - took it for a drive around the block and booted it and still no problem or lights on.

    Then I took it to be cleaned by the local car hand wash people with jet washes. When I came to turn the car on, the same problem occurred. The lights (both service and traction control) came on and it went in safe mode.

    After a few starts and stops the service light flicks off and just leaves engine management light on with traction control light on too. Eventually the traction light goes off just leaving the engine management light. On petrol it seems to be missing and a slight lumpy tick over.

    Is water/spray or washing it causing something to short out? Whatever it is it causes a fault code for the mass air flow sensor... however I have just had a brand new bosch one put on.

    The garage does not know what is wrong... so I am at my wits end. Any advice?

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    See your other thread.

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