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Thread: Question about possible dodgy MOT

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    Default Question about possible dodgy MOT

    Hey everyone first time poster,

    I bought a Honda Accord Sport 1 year back for 1700 pounds. It was 10 years old and when I ran the registration check the car seemed to have a dotted past with some strange information(the registration on the car seemed to belong to another car) I phoned up the DVLA who said it may be a mistake because in some places it belonged to one car and in others it belonged to another. When I told the dealer about this he got a bit defensive and I asked for the vin number, again, same dotted past.

    I asked him to knock a few hundred off and he refused, but he said he would get the car MOT'd because he had such faith in it passing with flying colours. When I came to pick the car up he handed me a written MOT receipt for 350 pound worth of work done and told me 1700 was now a bargain. I don't know anything about cars so I just trusted him.

    I just recently got the car pre-MOT checked and the first thing the mechanic asked me was if I had had this car in storage for a very long time or if I had been driving it particularly hard for a long time. For the past year the car has been used solely for driving to work and back, a 2 mile journey across smooth roads. He said there is so much wrong with the car that to get it fixed would cost more than the price I paid for it.

    The list of problems are as follows:

    Both front wipers split
    Front wipers not working
    Front washers inoperable
    Front headlamps aim too low
    Front exhaust downpipe at flexy blowing
    ns/front lower ball joint dust cover split
    rear exhaust holed
    both rear anti-roll bar drop links u/s
    emissions lambda too excessive
    handbrake efficiency nil
    os/front steering racer boot leaking
    footbrake efficiency 70%/71%
    front brakes balance 0% ok

    These are only some of the problems with the car. Things like window wipers I can understand. But when the dealer had the car MOT'd he claims to have had all this fixed.

    Offside Rear Brake pipe inadequately clipped
    Nearside Front Anti-roll bar linkage insecure
    Nearside Front Shock absorber has a serious fluid leak
    Nearside Front suspension has excessive play in a upper suspension ball joint

    Before I contact the dealer I wanted a second opinion about whether you think this seems dodgy. It has left me without a car and I am finding it hard to believe all of this could happen over the course of a year.

    Thanks for your help

    Stuart MacMillan

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    In my view (for what it is worth) the only thing that suggests that the last MOT was bad is the Offside rear brake pipe inadequately clipped. The rest could have happened on a 10-year-old car in 12 months.
    People tend to misunderstand the significance of the MOT. Passing the MOT does not mean a car is in good condition, it just means the car, at the time of testing, passes a few safety criteria and its emissions are within the appropriate range.

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    Firstly you must NEVER trust a dealer. Second, you should ALWAYS do an HPI check on a car before purchase. Third, go online and check out the MOT to ensure it is a genuine one.

    The list of faults is not half as bad as it first appears. You must have known the wipers were not working so should have had them fixed as it is an offence (Construction and Use Regs). The washers are also an offence. If the washer pump works then just a blockage. The dust seals are a couple of pounds for the ball joint. Headlamp aim is adjusted by 99% of MoT garages for free. The holes in the exhaust are causing the emissions to be wrong - surely you heard it blowing? - yet another offence. Drop links around 20 each and an easy fit. The handbrake is not working which yet again you must have been aware of. The brake calipers may just be seized so a strip and clean first, otherwise 100 a side for reconditioned units. Again a strip and clean at the front should see the efficiency rise above 75%. The clip can be fixed easily so not an issue.
    The remainder all relate to the nearside front suspension so you need a strut and link rod. Second hand may be the cheapest route there. In my view that does not amount to anywhere near 1,700 unless you go to Honda and pay their silly prices.

    When a car dealer says he will get an MoT, that is what he does. He goes to his mate at the local test garage and the faults are found. He tells the garage he will have everything fixed so the garage issue a pass and 'trust' him to do the work. This is completely wrong but it happens every day all round the country. So, never trust a dealer.

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    I agree with both of the above.

    Even if the original MOT was a complete work of fiction, it's far too late to prove it or do anything about it.

    Similarly, it's too late for any recourse against the dealer.

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    Sounds like that dealer should be investigated, as it sounds like he is a right "dodgy dealer"

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    Agree with both Wagolynn and Hometune 100%.

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    I do find it a little odd that you weren't aware that:
    The exhaust was blowing.
    The wipers didn't work - in this weather?
    The steering was sloppy
    The handbrake didn't work
    The footbrake was poor and pulled to one side.

    Sounds to me that this car was lethal and you should count yourself lucky that you weren't in a serious accident.

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