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Thread: vauxhall corsa engine management light

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    i've got a vauxhall corsa C 1.0l. about 5 months ago my engine management light came on and i disconnected my battery and it went out and came back on after 500 miles, disconnected it again and then it came back on after 250 miles. each time it came on after fewer miles than the time before. i had it diagnosed and was told i needed a new lambda sensor, i had a new front one and back one fitted and the light was gone again. however for the past couple of months the light kept coming back on and the car started to 'pull' and lose power as i was driving at speeds below 50mph. also at a standstill the car would 'judder' violently. i took it to a garage and they said i needed a new lambda sensor and coil pack and this sorted the problem for a day until the light came back on. they also said i needed my ecu to be sent off and repaired as my rocker gasket was leaking oil and it somehow ended up in my ecu. that also sorted the problem for about 20 miles and the light came back on. Ive had it serviced and all of the filters have been changed plus i bought a new air flow meter and that made the car run slightly better but the problem was still there. i took it back to the same garage and they said i had a problem with my electrics so after working on it for a week and fitting new parts to it they said it should be completely fixed and working perfectly. however 20miles after leaving the garage my car started to 'pull' again and the light came back on. the car has got more power now than what it did before i first took it to the garage. after doing the peddle test i got the fault codes: 0130 and 0135 which i believe has something to do with the oxygen sensors. has anyone had the same problem or know what to suggest to fix it? thanks.

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