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Thread: Renault Clio 2002 1.2 16v Dynamique - Electrical Fault Warning Light?

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    Question Renault Clio 2002 1.2 16v Dynamique - Electrical Fault Warning Light?

    Recently just bought the above car - everything is fine and I'm having no problems apart from when it rains the electrical fault warning light comes on the dashboard. When this happens the car becomes difficult to accelerate above 30mph, but if I stop and turn off the engine and restart the light disappears and everything is fine again - it has only come on again after this during very very heavy rain. Car has done only 40k, and has been kept in good condition by the previous owner. I've searched the forums for the same problem and people have various different solutions and the problem seems worse for them, but posts date back to like 2008/09. Any ideas what it could be? As I said, it only happens when it's raining or after heavy rain when the car is damp.

    I'm a new driver and not very technical btw!

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    The fuse box under the bonnet behind the battery may be allowing water in and running to the wiring.

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    If you bought the car from a dealer, take it back and tell them, all dealers are required to give a six months warranty on cars.

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    hometune has hit the nail on the head in my opinion fuse box in the engine is a real pain when damp my sisters 2002 clio started 2 years ago same symtoms as you described going into limp home mode but if you turn it of and re start all was fine , it got to the point where it spent more time in limp mode so i put iton the computer code came back it was the accelerator switch on the pedal , all was fine untill recently when the problem has started again but the sun roof has been leaking causing water to run down the pillars in side the car leading to the inside car fuse box i have now fixed the sunroof i had to take it al out and re seal , next day when she finished work the car would not start at all , i have discovered its the relays in the fuse box in the engine time will tell how long it will last hope this info helps some one else........
    In the engine bay fuse box of an 02 Renault Clio you should find 4 relays , one standard size relay colour brown is the fuel pump relay , three other black relays of smaller size . The black relay nearest the engine is the engine control relay . The middle of the three black relays is the starter motor relay and the one nearest the wing is the engine coolant blower motor relay. All four relays are on one black connector block.

    You should find that all of the relays pulled out will have corrosion on the pins and the the Engine Control relay is the one that stops the engine from starting. Middle black relay if corroded stops the engine from cranking and the one nearest the wing if not connecting properly will make the car overheat as it should operate the blower motor.

    By cleaning all the pins on the relays and the sockets (contact cleaner and a toothbrush or some emery paper) , should restore operation

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