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    hi all
    my friends son has been issued a collision form from the police regarding a so called collision he has supposedly done. he is certain the event did not take place or cannot recall a collision-it was 5 weeks ago!! apparently according to a driver of a parked vehicle and her witness , he reversed into her car and left the scene, resulting with the police being contacted and him being issued with the form. he cannot recall this incident but remembers being in the car park. the other driver states there is little damage to her bumper. my question is: if he has done it and contacts his insurance yet pays for the damage without making a claim can the collision form affect next years premium? sorry for the drawn out explanation guys

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    First, if he is sensible he will review all insurers for next year not just renew with the present company.
    If he did not do it then why would he pay?
    All incidents should be reported to the insurance company this includes ones not involving a claim, read the terms and conditions.
    If his vehicle is not damaged, from a reversing incident, and he is adamant he cannot recall hitting anything, then he cannot give details of the incident on the police form. I would think about going to the police and asking what to do or just fill in the form in the places he can, name address etc. and return it to the police with a covering letter possibly inviting them to call and inspect his vehicle.

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    I agree with wagolynn. I also have reservations about how insurers deal with this requirement to inform them even if no claim is made; bearing in mind the dubious "increased risk" clause they seem to latch onto.

    Based upon an incident witnessed by our daughter on Twycross Zoo car park, some care is advised in how the form is completed. Whilst she was parking up, she and my wife saw a car scrape another, then move to a different bay. She took details of the offending car, along with her phone number, and tucked it in the wiper blade of the damaged car.
    Later, our daughter and my wife received witness forms from the police, and the offending driver was eventually prosecuted for leaving the scene of an accident without reporting it.
    In this instance the lad may be totally innocent in that he honestly did not know he had touched the bumper of the other car. But, from a police point of view, it looks a heck of a lot similar to a re-run of the situation that our daughter witnessed.

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