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Thread: Petrol Panic Buying for Easter - Pumps are running dry ...again!

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    Default Petrol Panic Buying for Easter - Pumps are running dry ...again!

    Petrol Panic Buying for Easter - Pumps are running dry ...again!

    It was going to happen wasn't it!

    In my local town they have vertually run out of 'Super Unleaded', normal is due to run out, but ...diesel seemed fine ... for today!

    Most garages are uncertain of next delivery though!

    Oh well here we go again!!!

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    It's the "Blow oy Jack" attitude. Half those who fill their tanks to the gunnels will probably not use that amount of fuel in a month or more. And some will very likely chase around filling stations to get fully topped up; using more fuel then they collect in the process. Full tanks but empty brains!

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    If everybody ran out of fuel and had to use public transport to get to work, it would be chaos. Then maybe, just maybe, industry and commerce would bring pressure to bear on the Govt to sort out public transport. Who knows, it could even improve to the point where people began to prefer to use it rather than sitting for hours on congested roads?!

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