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Thread: law on mini roundabouts

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    Default law on mini roundabouts

    hi i recently had a accident on a mini roundabout when a drunk driver came from the right as i procceeded to carry on there is no give way signs just a single white line covering half the junction where do i stand for insurance purposes the person who came from the right was arrested at the scene thanks jaime

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    A single white line is a stop line.
    If should be in the hands of the insurers by now, so you will have to wait and see what conclusions they come to. I never assume a vehicle is going to give way, I seek to confirm what they are doing, other drivers do not have to be drunk to make errors of judgment.

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    A single (broken) white line is the normal marking at a mini-roundabout. Give-way signs are not required. You must give priority to traffic approaching from the right.

    As you describe things it would seem that you are at fault, but the fact that the other driver (who had priority) was drunk and arrested may help to muddy the waters in your favour.

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    This thread is in the wrong place really, this is the Forum Suggestions thread?

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    It seems usuual that if a driver involved in a collision is prosecuted for any offence relevant to the collision that the blame is usually apportioned 100% to them by the insurers. You may well find yourself exonerated if he is prosecuted for drunk driving in any way.

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