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Thread: Dismantling a car - rules & regulations

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    Default Dismantling a car - rules & regulations

    Dismantling of an ELV ( End Of Life Vehicle ) is normally done in an ATF ( Authorised Treatment Facility ) which needs permission from EPA ( Environment Protection Agency ), licences, etc.
    If a private individual wants to dismantle onetime only 2 or 3 Cat C / D salvage vehicles ( NOT ELV's ) in an automobile workshop, does he still have to go thru' the necessary red tape, or can he do so without ? Automobile workshops DO handle and dispose of waste car fluids appropriately during servicing.
    If bureaucracy is to be followed, does it mean that a hobby / occasional mechanic CANNOT ever dismantle a vehicle ???
    If the issue is all about possible pollution of the environment, cant a person collect and appropriately store the waste auto fluids ( depollution ) and hand them over to a 'Registered' ATF, along with V5C, when they come over to collect the vehicle shell, so that they can dispose respective wastes / recyclables accordingly ? This way EPA's fears are laid to rest, DVLA formalities are taken care of, ATF has scrap metal & waste oils to sell, I have my parts..... and everyone is happy ! I dont see anything wrong with this
    MVDA ( Motor Vehicle Dismantlers Association ) recons that even for such, permissions & certifications are necessary
    Where is the thin blue dividing line and limits for such a scenario ? Can some kind souls please look into this, enquire, lobby for the affirmative and let me know what I so much want to hear
    Thanks in advance,

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    I have bought a few 'scrap' cars over the years, to dismantle and sell for parts. All I have ever done is send the Log Book to DVLA with the 'Scrapped' section filled in. Any parts left unsold are thrown in a trailer and taken to my local scrap metal dealer. My local Domestic Refuse site has containers for old engine oil etc, so I dispose of those there. Kwik Fit used to charge 1 per old wheel and tyre to dispose of.

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