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Thread: Turning at T junction and hitting kerb

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    Default Turning at T junction and hitting kerb

    I have learnt driving for several months and still not confident in turing left at T junctions. It is because I am not 100% sure when steering should start.

    I found a lot of cars start to turn when the the front wheels are in line with the start of a typical bend/curve. However, driver seats are normally on the right hand side and the road seen from the windscreen may be 2m (or more?) from me, how can I know the front wheels are at the start of turning?



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    There is no set point for when you start turning the wheel, the main thing is that you make the turn without hitting the curb on your left, and drift into the wrong lane of the road you are turning in to.

    In other words, you don't obstruct or collide with any vehicle that is planning to turn right, from the road that you are turning into.

    You will soon get the hang of it with more practice and experience, good luck

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    It may help if you sit in your usual car stopped, and positioned a little from the curb, take time to look at the curb to see where it appears relative to the nearside window and the front of the car looking ahead as if driving. Your point of reference on the car is best if it is in your normal field of view when driving. The aim being to be able to think when the curb lines up with the point of reference I am X cm from the curb. It sounds clumsy but it quickly becomes instinctive.
    Good luck.

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    Hi Jacob

    I imagine you're taking lessons from a driving instructor. If he/she can't help you with this, you would be better advised to find another instructor rather than seeking advice from a bunch of strangers on an internet forum!

    Some of us here are qualified to advise, some of us are barking mad. How can you tell the difference?

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